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Creative Art Fundamentals, LLC ~

art education, art lessons {Kunstunterricht} & painting events {Mal Veranstaltung}

~ Art Studio & School / Kunststudio & Schule ~

Atle AmbergerStrasse 2, 92655 Grafenwöhr, 0151-56715581

E-Mail: [email protected] 

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Skill Levels

After School Art

Nach der Schule Kunst

(Ages/Alter 6 - 17)

The CAF School Art Program has two sections: Home School Art (art lessons taught "during-the-day) and After School Art (art lessons taught after-school).

CAF Schul Kunst hat 2 Programme: für zu Hause unterrichtete Schüler und nach der Schule!



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The CAF After School Art art lessons, were previously taught at the Netzaberg Teen Center and at the Rose Barracks Recreational Center, but now this CAF-created art lesson is taught at the CAF Art Studio -- right outside Tower Barracks' gate 1 - at the four corners in the yellow building. ** Nach der Schule: Kunstunterricht wurde vorher im Netzberg Jugendzentrum und im Rose Barracks Centrum unterrichtet. Jetzt unterrichten wir wegen des Umzugs im CAF Studio. Gleich draussen vor dem Tower Baracke Tor 2 die Strasse runter an der Ecke links im gelben Gebäude.

CAF After School Art lessons continue to focus on the National Art Standards for the Visual Arts and to offer a comprehensive program to enrich your child's art production through discussions of art history, art critiques, and aesthetics. ** Nach der Schule Kunst Programm konzentriert sich nach dem Nationalen Kunst Standard für visuelle Kunst und bietet ein umfangreichen Programm an um Ihrem Kind die Kunstmöglichkeiten zu erweitern. Durch Diskussionen von Kunstgeschichte, Kunstkritik und Ästhetik.

Alte Amberger Strasse 2

92655 Grafenwoehr

CAF Art Skill levels allow each artist to make individual choices, based on their understanding and their desire for expressions.

As a After School Art artist, your child - by age and by choice - will select from one of the three CAF Art Skill Levels. These levels help to guide your child's understanding, as well as lessons' participation. Each level reflects "art challenges" that introduce, reinforce, and refine skills that your child may seek to master, with each lesson they attend. Skill levels allow each artist to make individual choices, based on their understanding of the art lesson is suggesting that they create - they decide. ** Als ein nach der Schule Kunstschüler, wird Ihr Kind nach Alter und Wahl, seine eigenen drei verschiedenen Fähigkeiten lernen. Diese Fähigkeiten werden Ihrem Kind helfen, die Kunst zu verstehen. Jede Fähigkeit spiegelt verschiedene Kunst Arten

The three art CAF Art Skill Levels are Novice Art, Apprentice Art, and Scholar Art. Each level is designed to empower your child's creative energy by choice, not age nor talent! So, in art production, your child will respond to the creative challenge of their selected level, developing and reinforcing your child’s understanding and creativity. While during lesson instruction and discussions, your child will respond to the hearing, seeing, and using various elements that refine the skills of all levels, building their confidence for self-expression! Additionally, within each lesson, your child will visually track their developing creative problem-solving abilities in their required sketchbook, surrounded by other artists also journeying to discover their own "art voice!"

Novice Art

Apprentice Art

Scholar Artists

Supplies are included for each lesson and enrollment is monthly for four lessons. Returning students have reserved seats for continued enrollment ~ to be completed prior to the end of the current month. {An individual sketchbooks required for each class, which can be purchased at the PX (per privileges) or from CAF Art Studio.