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Creative Art Fundamentals, LLC ~

art education, art lessons {Kunstunterricht} & painting events {Mal Veranstaltung}

~ Art Studio & School / Kunststudio & Schule ~

Atle AmbergerStrasse 2, 92655 Grafenwöhr, 0151-56715581

E-Mail: [email protected] 

CAF Basic Skill Level Goals

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Novice Artists

Anfänger Kunst

Novice Art Lessons begin an "art start" by focusing on understanding Art through its Design Elements and Design Principles ~ learning Art's basic creating language.

Projects emphasize the Design Elements of space, line, shape, form, texture, color, and value; and, the Design Principles of balance, emphasis, contrast, movement, pattern, repetition, proportion, rhythm, variety, and unity.

The combination of the Design Elements are endless and this introduction in learning Art's language is part of every level of artistic expression. Design Principles add greater distinctions in portraying individual artistic expressions that show the preferences, uniqueness, and style of the artist within and in their use of the design elements!

Apprentice Artists

Auszubildende Kunst

Apprentice Art Lessons review and build on Novice Art Lessons and focus on Design Techniques ~ specifically exploring mediums, materials, and methods within the program's disciplines of drawing, painting, printmaking, modeling, assembling, textiling, and imaging.

Each Design Techniques offer

inexhaustible possibilities for

experimenting with various methods

and material to produce Art.

Use of the Design Techniques encourage self-expression to showcase student manipulations of media, materials, and tools as add distinctions to how they capture moment of time through the visual arts.

Scholar Artists

Studenten Kunst

Scholar Art Lessons review and build on Novice Art Lessons and Apprentice Art Lessons to focus on Design Compositions ~ to visually communicate students' understanding and messaging, through the use of artistic styles, periods, cultures, history - inspirations!

Each Design Composition offers an empowering idea ~ and sub idea ~ to inspire the creative momentum of artistic expression within each student, as well as to deepen student learning, viewing, and assessing, while encouraging student-created Art!