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Creative Art Fundamentals, LLC ~

art education, art lessons {Kunstunterricht} & painting events {Mal Veranstaltung}

~ Art Studio & School / Kunststudio & Schule ~

Atle AmbergerStrasse 2, 92655 Grafenwöhr, 0151-56715581

E-Mail: [email protected] 

Mixed Media Art

(Ages 18+)

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Explore the variety inherent in creating art by attending a Mixed Media Art lesson; no experience required! Lessons will create a new art making mix that combines two or more art media, such as including sewing within your drawing, or perhaps including found objects into you paintings, or even building with modeling wire and paper beading! A Mixed Media art lesson helps you to capture creative possibilities, discovering new ways to express your own style and vision.

[Some art work may require two weeks to complete!]