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Creative Art Fundamentals, LLC ~

art education, art lessons {Kunstunterricht} & painting events {Mal Veranstaltung}

~ Art Studio & School / Kunststudio & Schule ~

Atle AmbergerStrasse 2, 92655 Grafenwöhr, 0151-56715581

E-Mail: [email protected] 

We are in our last Week of Camp!

28 AUG - 1 SEP 2017

Thank you all for the wonderful support!


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CAF Studio Summer Schedule for Ages 6-17

Weekly Registration | 20 Art Hours |

x8 Weeks |

Multi-Family Discount Applies -

for same week registration

Early Drop-off / (07.15h-07.50h) -- and --

Late Pick-up (12.15h-13.00h)

Images of Studied Artists shown Below

CAF Studio Sommer Stundenplan im Alter von 6-17

Wöchentliche Anmeldung | 20 Kunststunden

| 8 Wochen |

Familienrabatt bei Geschwistern

bei Anmeldung in gleicher Woche

Frühbetreuung (07.15h-07.50h) -- und --

Spätabholer (12.15h-13.00h)

Bilder von Künstlern siehe unten

10-14 JUL

17-21 JUL

24-28 JUL


7-11 AUG

14-18 AUG

21-25 AUG

28 AUG-1 SEP

Youth Art Journaling

"Every summer has a story . . ." Unknown

Ivy, Age 12

10-14 JUL 

Candle Houses {Modeling} | Kerzenhaus {Modellieren}

Salted Watercolors {Painting} | Gesalzene Farbfelder (Malerei)

Found Object Photograms {Imaging} | Gefundene Objekt Photogramme {Vorstellungen}

17-21 JUL

Drawn Illusions {Drawing} | Gezogene Illusionen {Zeichnung}

Monochromatics Acrylic {Painting} | Monochromatik Acryl {Malerei}

Dimensional Weaving {Texturing} | Dimensionsweberei {Textil}

Youth Art Journaling

"Summertime is always the best of what might be" Charles Bowden

Paisley, Age 9

24 - 28 JUL

Youth Art Journaling

"Rise Above the Storm and You Will Find the Sunshine" Marie Fernandez

Leila, Age 9

Reduced Printing {Printmaking} | Reduzierter Druck {Druckgrafik} Mixed Media Paintings {Painting} | Gemischte Media Malerei {Malerei}

Beans Mosaic {Assembling} | Bohnen Mosaik {Zusammenbau}


Sun Leaves Prints {Imaging} | Sonnenblumen Druck {Vorstellungen}

Fruit through Oils {Painting} | Früchte Ölmalerei {Malerei}

Monster Air Dries {Modeling} | Monster Luft getrocknet {Modellieren}

Youth Art Journaling

"I was made for sunny days!"


Leila, Age 9

7 - 11 AUG

Soft Sculpture Food {Textiling} | Weiche Skulptur Essen {Textile}

Like Bob Ross {Painting}

| Wie Bob Ross (Malerei)

Grafitti Names {Drawing}

| Grafitti Namen {Zeichnung}

14 - 18 AUG

Summer Art

MON & TUE ~ 0800-1200

Nature Sculptures {Assembling}

Natur Skulpturen {Assembling}

Summer Art

WED ~ 0800-1200

Acrylic Pets {Painting}

Acryl Haustiere {Malerei}

Summer Art

THR-FRI ~ 0800-1200

Frottage Collagraphs {Printmaking}

Frottage Collagraphs {Druckgrafik}

21 - 25 AUG

Summer Art

MON & TUE ~ 0800-1200

Charcoal Faces {Drawing}

Charcoal Gesicht {Zeichnung}

Summer Art

WED ~ 0800-1200

Sand Painting {Painting}

Sandmalerei (Malerei}

Summer Art

THR-FRI ~ 0800-1200

Appliqué Head Rest {Textiling}

Kopfkissen sticken {Assembling}

28 AUG - 1 SEP

Sumer Art

MON & TUE ~ 0800-1200

Photo Transfers {Imaging}

Fotoübertragungen {Vorstellungen}

Summer Art

WED ~ 0800-1200

Its Surreal! {Painting}

Unrealistisch (Malerei)

Art Journaling

Kunst Journal

WED ~ 1200-1430

Summer Art

THR-FRI ~ 0800-1200

Wire Forms {Modeling}

Drahtformen (Modellierung} 

Register for Art Lessons via Web Store. **

Registrieren Sie sich für Art Lessons via Web Store